Saturday, December 5, 2009

Empire state of mind

Went to a friend's aid this week, so between that and overtime at the Jungle, my riding was grounded.

Instead, I've been battling wet, flooded stalls and clocks that go way too fast. 

I got to have a session on Friday on the ground. Which was progressive. She was leaning left, so I worked mostly loosening her up in that direction.

From week prior we got to sorted out the changes. I was correct, it was a bit of claustrophobia and a bit of footing. She's offering them clean and straight again.

We're back officially indoors again for the winter. 

Watching her on the lunge, I noticed a few things. My saddle needs reflocking. It's about time, it's been a full year and she's changed immensely. We're also due for a massage.

I was talking to a few people, and it reminded me of the promise I made to the pony a while back: if you go FEI, I'll get a custom for you (even if I have to steal it). Well... she's filling her end of the deal and it's honestly time to find someone who can make it thoroughly. If I can hold off the purchase for the next 18 months, I'll be happy.

I need to pick up mash, stall dry and switch her door out to a yolk so I can keep her outward facing window closed.

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