Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keep on Truckin' Part 6: Rollin' on 45s, Saga Ends.

I finally did it, I finally achieved truck status.

It's not exactly what I wanted, but it will do. A friend and myself are going to do the pickup on Saturday in... Pittsburgh. The truck is in New Jersey, and dear ole da and I are meeting half way at Steel City to exchange. I wish I could fly up, but

Not what I call the highlight of the weekend, but you know... transportation comes with the horses and I'm really tired of bumming rides.

People have been beyond excessively nice and kind to me (especially the boy). Last week, Vicky picked me up and I spent the entire day with her just going around. It felt awesome to get out of the house and break what has become Cabin Swine Flu.

I got to pet on my horses and see how they were doing. Hugging on Sinari (also got to ride- who was fantastic), I marveled how dark she was and how her winter coat was coming in quickly. Also reminded me to order my own set of ultra-large body clippers this year.

I noted how Sincere is now way bigger with his Marilyn Monroe/Rockette legs that just go on forever, that his foal coat is shedding out in clumps and how soon he'll be weaned from May. He reminded me to order blankets. But aside from the third (!) halter he's on (chewed the second), I did manage to get him his own brush box.

I guess when you don't see family for so long, you marvel at the changes.

But with truck comes the natural follow up of trailer. Which I'm hoping for in about a year to have the credit and down payment ready. I've already been in contact with a bunch of dealers to find a brand I would thoroughly enjoy, that would be lightweight, but strong enough and versatile to handle my and my horse's needs.  The one that truly fits that bill is Brenderup.

I've hauled with a lot of things in a lot of composites, Corn-Pro, Merhow, Sundowner, Jamco, Kiefer, Featherlite, Equi-Spirit, Hawk... but really unless it was a gooseneck, the bumper pulls never really shouted at me to run out and spend 13 on them. In fact, hauling with a few of them scared me about to death.

Until I hauled with a Brenderup a couple winters ago.

It was a friend's Baron two horse, and I was skeptical right down to body materials. Don't get me wrong, it was a clean, new-er trailer. Roomy with a practical layout. I hauled it with her F250, it was more truck than what was needed, but even fully loaded down with equipment, horses and various other things, it towed like there was nothing back there, above speed limit.

It was that, and not wrenching my back out at the ramp and having everything work in the bitter cold that was ultra comforting and impressive. I was still skeptical about the tack space (wee tiny), until I saw the models could be converted for space.

It's seriously the IKEA of trailers, and I'm fairly bound and determined to have one. Maybe by Rolex or WEG, they'll be able to make me a deal.

I know it puts a hamper on my plans for '10 (still have to beg and plead for a ride). But the year off could do us good, it would solidify the team, allow for some growing pains to sort out and more importantly, would be great not to be on a show-driven schedule.

I'm still open for debate on that, but for now, I have October and November to finish out and a few options to discuss with people.


Karen said...

I have been eyeing Bender ups, too. Too bad we don't live closer, I'd be open to splitting the costs of one with you.

SoraSoul said...

I would also LOVE a Brenderup. I've just heard so many good things about them. Congrats on the truck.

gina said...

Great news. I almost did the reverse of you- bought the trailer in Pittsburg and live in NJ. I have the truck and now have a Merhow 2h. Always nice to be closer to being self-mobile. Never pulled a brenderup, but I've heard good things.