Thursday, September 24, 2009

I get around

I drove up to Pittsburgh last weekend to pick up the new truck with Vicky.

The drive was long, the drive home was even longer, but it was worth it. Will post photos soon- if you haven't noticed, the south east has been under water for the past couple of days. Taking photos is hard when you can't see much in front of you.

But the truck is sweet, and having transportation is even sweeter.

With the wheels, I've pretty much sated my thirst for doing errands and other regular things. I even had an eight week, what the hell did you do to yourself at PT the other day. Hell, getting coffee is a continual highlight. Friday, I get to hear Anthony Bourdain chat in Louisville and Saturday, I'm heading on out to Sport Horse Nationals to get a taste for what we'll be going for in two years. I still need to drop off blankets at the cleaners as well as my own show coat, shirts and other things.

End of the year wrap up stuff.

I've been playing catch up with the ponies who are still out with Vicky's herd. Not complaining, I've been doing plenty of conditioning over the hills there and watching baby be his lovely self.

Sinari is almost black liver chestnut with her incoming winter coat. The Glanzen really made the difference. She's not as fuzzy this time of the year either, I hope it bodes well for what kind of winter we have in store. She is dappled, fat and sassy. She is my most prized, and she knows it, but tolerates the colt. I've been slow to start her back to work, kind of savoring the easy going nature of the situation and bringing her mind and her body back all at once.

Sincere is having a ball with the mud, much to my unamused expression. You know how hard it is to keep whites clean? Let alone on a horse that enjoys his mud baths? Hard.

At the same time, I don't mind if he keeps up the easy going personality. In the world of horses, he really is one of those who is self-assured. He'd be the good-looking popular jock in the crowd whose mamma taught him to be nice to everyone. He enjoys his sugar cubes and treats.

To try the point, I did something that I probably shouldn't have, in an area that I probably shouldn't have. Because my arena time is limited, and because both mare and foal are still attached at the hip, I work out in the field, with the rest of the herd.

Normally these sessions are short, working on leading, some ground tying, yielding front quarters and hindquarters. This time he presented new opportunity. Already rolling in the mud, I entered the paddock, he stayed down, as he usually does and I began playing. I laid him in a recumbent position, handled him till he fell asleep. Then I flipped him on his back and started to handle his legs in different ways. I expected him to be more resistant, but he just took everything in stride never putting in a peep of protest.

I also have good news on the horizon as well, I'm officially starting up a business in three months and can't wait. It doesn't mean the end of Amazon, but it's a step forward.

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Andrea said...

Oh muddy little babies! This does not bode well for when he gets larger. Or when he has to spend more time in a stall at a show (poop central + white socks = ...........)