Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle (yeah)

We've now been in FL for about a week. It's been one giant good thing after another so far, and while I thought I would have time to write extensively, I've had people make better use of my time here.
While the ponies arrived ahead of me (Wednesday) and I left not soon after that at 4am to trek south.
The drive isn't bad and I made good time, but when I hit Georgia at 8:30am and the landscape flattened like a pancake, the drive just stretched out longer, and longer and longer. Boredom and the radio got the best of me.

Truth is, it's an easy 13 hours. Especially when you have a radio, a cell phone and some things to do along the way.

My first stop was at Peter and Amy Atkins' to go set up the ponies at their place. The ponies arrived in better condition than I did. By the time I set up it was 830 and I still had to find my way to where I was staying.

With minimal lost-ness, I got there and collapse into the single most comfortable bed.

Friday I popped on all three for an easy day. Everyone felt fine. Saturday and Sunday was much of the same, minus the first solo trek to Wellington.

I went down to Wellington as a volunteer to be a scribe at the USEF High Performance Clinic with Steffen Peters and Anne Gribbons. There was indeed a lot of star power there, but in addition to that, it was a sheer joy to watch and sit at the table listening and learning for the day. I saw so many lovely combinations both from the A list and B list, and excused myself a little early to go home and try some things out on the horses.

Sunday I give a light day for all three (chiro'ed) and begin packing for the trek to Wellington again. I'm not looking forward to packing up my horses... again. But this is well worth it, we're going to go train with Koford.

Fast forward to now... it's almost Thursday, and we hit the ground running here. Sinari is doing extensive work in the collected canter (pir, changes, half pass), Merlot is working on up hill balance and lateral work and prepping out for his big Welly-world show, and Wylie is busy turning heads while coming back into fitness.

As for myself, it's physically hard. I have sores on the back of my legs and around my ankles from my boots. I wake up stiff. I'm drinking water like it's going out of fashion, and popping Advil too.

But, in all honesty, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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