Saturday, January 14, 2012

Under Pressure

I can't believe it's Friday. The days have really just blurred together. I only have a few more days here in what seems like a never ending horse show.

But I think that's what happens when you put your head down and train like there's no tomorrow.

Time here has been spent very well. All three horses are going great and well, the new found holes in my breeches serve only as proof that you really can ride your ass off. I think I would give my right arm for a whirlpool and some salts.

Sinari is doing all the PSG work. We've put the screws in the last two workouts to her to ramp the balance, compression and the fitness up. Needless to say the results have been mixed (partially me, sometimes her), but I have a feeling she'll sign on soon enough. I really wanted to roll through the entire test, but the monster canter tour is getting the better of us at the moment. I was deservidly snarked at for doing changes after the pir tour not in the right place. Today it's more of the same, compress, compress, compress, and rotation.

Merlot, had a day off and came back ready to go. We've been upping the compression and lateral work with him. He now has turn on the haunches, shoulder in, leg yield, canter-walk-canter, haunches in, traverse, renverse, and a few other tricks in his bag. I really want to toy with the change, but since he's doing a test, I don't want to screw with his counter canter too much. He still likes to fall out the left shoulder, it's annoying but fixable. We've now have to really start pushing the tests.

Wylie is still in development, we do relaxed sessions with lots of walk breaks. His lateral work has always been very strong so it's more or less about organization with him. He doesn't last very long still but at the same time he also tries super hard. Have also been working after him to keep in front of the leg, and balance on the smaller circles.

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