Monday, January 30, 2012

She dreamed of paradise

Home from Florida.

It's hard to even imagine how the month went or how each day passed like an unbroken line. Or even harder, I forgot the feeling of snow and cold and for just a single second, I thought I was in summer again.

Yes, the place really is like venturing down the rabbit hole. It's a completely different universe.

Florida is amazing.

Even being removed from the hub of the dressage universe (Wellington versus Ocala), you get a taste of what it's like to be around people who all have a singular goal that's common to yours and can chat pony. But if you're not riding, there's something to do.

It's literately being in a buffet, and somedays you just don't know where to begin.

I went down with the intent to train, but as usual things just unfolded. Not only did I train, but I also got to view training sessions of not just high performance dressage, but eventing as well (kind of a perk when you live with an international eventer).

The best part was rolling through the PSG work and making it our own, getting the compression and rotation on the pir's and starting the pi/pa work. Having full mirrors to make fun of ourselves, and being around the crew again.

I got to visit the new show grounds (which will be really fun to show at), caught a weekend Grand Prix at WEF, I got to help people on the ground and got to see and visit fantastic farms and friends and I drove my first gooseneck trailer.

I proved to myself multiple things. 

I also jumped.

You can blame Atkins for that one.

In the end, we accomplished everything that we've set out to accomplish and it was well worth the time and effort put into the trip. Learned a lot about ourselves in the process, and got a head start for this year.

Will we go back next year?

Indefinitely yes. I can't see another winter without it.


Kelly said...

My daughter has been in Florida since Dec. 26th - coming back this weekend - with her trainer, as a working student. They went to the show at Wellington on Saturday, also. What an experience for a 17 - turned 18 while in Florida - yr old!

I know coming back to Indiana winter will be a shock to the system :)

Amy Lo said...

Aww nuts! I go to Peter's next week and was hoping to meet you and your lovely ponies!

Kelly said...

Hey Amy, you'll have a fantastic time. Please give the fat boys a couple of carrots for me! Scratch baby Drake, and tell Owen I'm working on my Angry Birds;)

Don't forget to bring beer. :)

We should be back next season.


Ruth said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time :)