Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wake me when September ends

September in Kentucky has always been a month of transition, and like everything in transition, you get a bit of good and bad.

A year ago, Kentucky played host to the biggest equestrian block party for three weeks, and I think still a year later we're having a small hang over from it. I was in WEG Candy Land and rehabbing Sinari from when she cast herself at the first Christoph Hess clinic. Sincere was not really doing much of anything except eating.

Transition a year later. 

This month we were still convalescing for different reasons. A small splint popped earlier in August, which we began treating aggressively. While it cleared out in a week, Sinari still remained sensitive, and we were cautious about putting her back to work before that sensitivity cleared up. We skipped NDPC, the rest of the season, and the doldrums set in.

I began working Sincere more earnestly to ready him for his first 30 days. The more I played with him the more he really took up the challenge. I took on a few more horses that needed to be ridden, and started planning 2012. I became a little more active in the region via the BOD, I even was conscripted to different disciplines for some extra work. 

Finally, we were cleared earlier this week to walk, and for the first time, in a month, I rode something smaller than 17.2 hands, super wide and was worked beyond first level.

Holy mother of pearl what a different feeling.

My hips didn't wishbone when I got on and there was the odd feeling of not having a mile of neck in front of me. Everything was compact. Everything felt... small.

We strolled through the lanes around the property, nothing huge or spectacular, just out for a stroll. It ended too soon, but I know they'll be more to come; hopefully the weather will hold for it.

Needless to say the majority of goals I set out weren't accomplished this month, except supplying out winter and trying to end the year's endless paperwork.

September Goals:
-Clinic in TN
-Condition, keep running through PSG.
-Ready supplies for winter
Check! Found a reliable source for winter hay, need to still re-supply, and clean blankets.

October goals:
-Clean, winterize trailer, stow summer supplies.
-Continue to walk and begin to condition again.
-Complete 30 days with Sincere
-2012 schedule.
-Finish paperwork (L Program, awards, ect)

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