Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sound of Winter

October has been eventful.

In Kentucky, it's Breeder's Cup and Auction season. The yearlings have gone to sale and the last major championship for the signature industry

After a week's vacation, I'm back at home and going full steam with prepping in for 2012, plus finishing up a series of projects and planning out things for '12.  Between that and hearing about the weather up north and East, I feel exceptionally lucky that snow hasn't come our way yet.

I'm excited to be back with Sinari under saddle. She has been going like her hair has been on fire. She's slowly coming into fitness again, but the work with her has been more than productive. She gives 110 percent every time out now, and has actually become very hot in the work.

With the time off she lost a lot of endurance, while she gives it all, she can't maintain beyond short spurts. I don't think the winter coat is helping either. She'll be clipped out sooner than later, and the fitness is returning slowly.

Sincere has also been going well, he's doing his first 30 days. I've been roughly to four of the sessions, and I'm really happy with how he's coming along. He's an eager student, easy to get along with and willing to work. I seriously can't wait until he's four and going full gear. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying seeing him accept the work.

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