Sunday, March 28, 2010

We'll work to work it out

I get to drive a lot around town.

My little red truck is my mobile office, I keep copies of the files I need, my giant, ever changing to-do list and stuff that is being trucked back and forth to the barns.

The nice part about a mobile office is the scenery, never gets dull especially in spring.

The never dull scenario is also applying itself to the riding end of life.

Sinari, while trying her heart out to accept the lateral work (which she's picking back up) is sore from a number of different things. I'm sure being in raging heat, and being subsequently teased by the colt next door doesn't help.

But the main culprit is the saddle (again). Even after the re-flock and riding in the sheepskin with shims to help out, she's still not feeling hot in the back. I had her adjusted yesterday and even the massage therapist said she was not feeling hot in the ribs, the back or the right side in general.

She left a list of instructions, stretches. Farrier came by and rebalanced her long over due hooves. Then we took a few days off. Lunged out today, she felt pretty good.

So, in about a year we've gone through this one. I guess the Christmas wish for the pony is coming true, I'm going to get a custom. I've contacted a few friends to give me an idea of price, estimate and payment schedules. I have my eye on one in particular, but we'll see.

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Val said...

Oh my goodness. Saddle fitting can be so frustrating, but the right fit makes such a difference that it cannot be ignored. Now that I have a saddle that fits me and my horse, I wonder how many times in the past I have struggled with a riding issue and the problem was the saddle.

Good luck and congrats on getting a custom!