Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shameless self-promotion

I mentioned in a prior post that I co-own a company, I've had a few questions thrown around about it, and I'd be more than happy to answer here.

My company's name is Team EnGaged Clinics.

We host educational clinics (and soon to expand to symposiums, camps) for the equestrian population. 

The idea of it was initially started in 2008, where my partner started hosting dressage events semi-regularly, and I helping out, with a few clinicians. We weren't particularly serious at the time because of our time commitments. I was busy with work, and riding and she was busy doing her thing as well.

So while we were mildly successful- we had shelved the possibility of expanding or devoting seriousness.

2009 rolls around and the educational scene in the area becomes comatose for a variety of reasons.

In short, the area was being stunted by a lack of variety, and a lack of availability.

This, we felt was incredibly wrong.

As someone who has been at the bottom of the pole, I recognize the need for people to feel included within the community. Not just specific people, or circles, the community. I also recognize the need for transparency within an organization.

So, my partner and myself formed Team EnGaged on these core tenements:

First, it's our opinion that education is and should be accessible to everyone. Whether it be an equestrian education or a regular education, it should be available. If you're a serious equestrian, you are always, continuously learning. To progress, you must learn, you must seek help from a higher source.

Secondly, we believe to progress an area, region, or even neighborhood, you must look outside for help. The United States has a bevy of international riders, trainers and speakers. Europe is a power house. We need these people here to help bring new ideas. We also believe in looking at unusual sources for information, people who wouldn't normally be affiliated with the equine world, but still have a lot to contribute. 

Continuing in that same vein, we believe it takes more than a village to raise us. The concept of a team provides resources not just from a wellspring, but again, the community that chooses to participate with us. 

Third, we believe in honest customer service. I personally work for the company that puts customers beyond first and I believe that the horse industry itself can benefit from this. We also believe in treating the people that work for the common goal with love and respect. We are our volunteers' biggest fan.

Fourth, and finally, Kentucky IS horses. It should be, that in Horsey Town USA every weekend you should be able to attend something horse-related.

It is our hope that we not only provide the opportunity to learn, but help the community grow as a whole.

We hope you'll join us for the ride.

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