Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time is on my side

February, in all it's polarizing glory is gone!

I'm happy to see the sun, and be back in the outdoor where the footing is a little thinner and the area a little bigger.

Sinari, who has been languishing because of the weather, is not as eager to see the return of spring or warm weather. We hit our full stride this week, returning under saddle to some fantastic early work. By fantastic, I mean a hattrick of days where she showed her stripes for FEI work. Piaffe, tempi changes, the zig-zag and the super collection.

It was fantastic, but unexpected. I was hoping for a non-pressured week of transitions, bend and cleaning up a few things along the way. But, in this case, you get and enjoy it while you get the freebie work.

After all this fabulous work Saturday, she became frustrated at not being able to do the changes and started to buck. Amusing, and something I can't punish, we changed subjects and had a lovely school with deep bends and pushing the balance more up and out.

It doesn't seem like much, but recapping February's goals:

The adjustable outline/ the accordion
Lateral work, specifically half pass. Needs more flow, and of course, the zig-zags.
Pirouettes, canter and walk
Transitions out of the halt to canter. She gets jiggy (not that I mind, it will come in handy for piaffe), and becomes stoppy at the up transition (resists contact). I want her to become comfortable with the transition itself.
Tempi Changes (at least green ones) and regular uphill, straight changes.
If the weather will allow- conditioning.

Weren't met due to weather, but were somewhat met this week.

So March's goals?

The above in addition to consistency.  I would like to get back into the double at the end of the month, but it depends on how the weather holds out.


Austen said...

Weather! This winter gross-ness is killing all of us, I think.
It's so refreshing to read about a dressage rider's goal. After mine have been conditioning, conditioning and more conditioning - yours are more obedience based. It reminds me how keeping a wider view on the training world can help us all!

Hopefully the weather will hold and you'll be able to get your goals met!

Kelly said...

Hey Austen, I think every sport has a lot of conditioning in it and I like to think that with the cardio, must come the physical carrying.

I think of this program right now more along the lines of pony palates. The strength to carry and perform the movement no matter the line and outline.

Because I don't have the footing to go out and gallop and do cardio once to twice a week, the best I can do right now is create strength. Endurance will come.

Thanks for the comments!