Monday, February 11, 2013

I get knocked down

I really don't know where to begin except that I'm home, and while it's sunny, it's not happy-go-lucky Florida sun. It's cold.

My initial trip home was supposed to take 12 to 15 hours, it ended up on a 48 hour excursion which left us stranded for 18 of those hours in Tennessee, with the most entertaining of police officers and tow people, at the Super 8 hotel. To cap it off it was a dry town with no beer or liquor store.

I was batting a 1000 and me and a bag of Oreos got really friendly at one point. 

After a really sleepless night (I was up every two hours checking), downing the worst coffee and two waffles, watching an entire season PBS' Downton Abbey and transferring the majority of my stuff from truck to trailer, we got on the road again around 3ish thanks to James Welsh and Elite Transport's connections to Kustom Equine Transport.  My truck is still in Tennessee. Everything important is thankfully up here.

I'm ultimately very grateful to the people who called, helped out, showed up and kept company (virtually and sometimes physically) throughout that period. Its nice to know that the community does take care of it's own.

If there ever was a saint hood for ponies, Sinari needs to be first in line. The mare took everything in stride (angry over the temporary living accommodations). She came out fine, and has the next few days to herself while I sort out finding a new truck, unpacking the disaster zone of my dressing room and figure out life. 

I also am down one FEI horse. Kobe isn't coming back up. It's not something I wish to really go into at the moment, but I'm dealing with the fallout.

At this point  it's time to regroup and figure out what's next.

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