Tuesday, February 26, 2013

99 Problems

We've all been sequestered to the indoor for the majority of the last two weeks. It's not my favorite spot, I like schooling outside so much more.

The weather has been bi-polar at best, swinging between reasonable to why bother, making the now infamously disastrous trip south to Florida more justified. We're just hitting the cusp of the show season, which really kicks off Mid-March. I'm happy to have achieved the Silver, and now we can let down our collective hair for a little while and concentrate on the training ahead.

For Sinari, I really want to refocus her on not only cleaning up her tests, but also focus in on putting on more of the piaffe-passage, the tempi's and improving the pir's. The big lightbulb moment with these movements is that the quality of the paces and use of the arena geometry directly relates to the quality of the movement itself.

In other words, if you give up a corner (10 meters) and you're going for a pirouette, and your collected canter is not a pirouette canter, you have to work like hell to get it on a long line, and the quality/size of the pirouette will be directly effected, most likely negatively (1-1.5 point spread).

We've also been playing with the pi/pa in hand, for her at the point in time it's about getting the reaction and developing the strength to carry that much. She's not really a big natural in the pi/pa stuff, I wish I started it a little earlier on her career.

We might go officially out in May, but it's going to depend on a lot of things (like transportation). There's also a number of nice schooling shows in between where we can just put the tests together and go through the movements. The real showing focus is on the last half of the season with the National Dressage Pony Cup and maybe Region 2.

We have also been invited to a number of places in the East to train, this will shake itself out by April.

Reba is doing equally as well, she's been actively working and doing a little jumping to help her develop the canter. While we initially planned to do a schooling show, the show filled up and we were wait listed. Not a big deal there will be other shows through the season. We're in no rush this year, even with the idea of having her school changes by the end of the year and go second level. The bigger goal is to get her mentally and physically geared into the work for the next three years.

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