Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's time to begin

I know I listed the 2013 goals already, and there are things that are changing, rapidly for the better, hence the amendment in the prior post.

When things are finalized I'll mention, but until then it means that I have a full roster for 2013 and I'm going to need a bigger trailer.

Winter is in full force in Kentucky, and just as the doldrums set in I'm going down to Florida to do some work, and to visit with some friends who I haven't seen in awhile. It will be nice to be in the land of sunshine and sand for three days.

The girls (and boy) are going well.

Reba is doing a lot of lateral work and getting fitter. Ramping up the balance on her isn't difficult at all, she can go zero to FEI balance in 2.5 seconds if I ask, it's keeping it there and keeping her head on her shoulders is the main challenge. She's also still very much not in shape, and will take another three to four months to put on the basic muscling that she needs. She's already svelted up quite a bit and she's gained a lot of topline but for where I want her to go this year, she's going to need to gain a lot more, she's going to need to learn to be more confident in the arena. Where she should begin her season has become a bit of a question mark. I would like her to begin in Florida, but I think the time and money are better spent northward where she would have the extra space to develop into a stronger candidate and I'm also debating about which shows where.

As much as I love training and first levels, I think schooling shows are best for these classes especially in a first year relationship. Her main goal this year is obtaining her Elite Mare Candidacy in the summer inspection tours and it would be complete icing to take her out at Third. But we'll see.

Sinari is working terrific, if not a bit out of shape due to the holiday and winter scheduling. She recently had the dentist out, and is back in full swing with a lot of Dover's and Hoffmann's work outs (that canter pirouette to walk pirouette to canter pirouette is seriously kicking butt), and we're up to five one's, some pi/pa stuff and getting things otherwise cleaned up. I'm really rooting for this to be a big year for her, and I think she'll shine. I'm aiming her for a fourth level test when we're both down in Florida later this year to complete out the Silver.

Sincere has been an absolute rock star with Lauren Neathry. I sent him on before the holiday to start back, and by jove, he loves his job. He walk, trots, and is very much building stamina in his canter. He's already hacking out confidently on the new property and doing some small jumps. Super pony. He is seriously going to take someone somewhere, and I'll put my money on a CCI* or a meter class or two in the jumpers when he's mature. There's not a 'no' in his mind and he's very chipper about his career. 

In the meantime, it's laundry and pack and prepare for the very early start of the season.  Just sent all the dry cleaning out, and my show bag has been hung to start putting the 2013 supplies in it.

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