Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I get my back into my living

I had a pretty epic conversation with a girlfriend of mine last Monday about winners going back to mucking stalls and running around like total loons.

The past couple of days have been non stop packing, unpacking, laundry, truck servicing, clinic organizing, need-to-pick-up stuff, post reviews on a saddle or two, shuffling and doing the full time work gig. Seriously 5am comes quick around these parts and my day doesn't really end until 10pm. I'm also on a first name basis with my barista. We can officially say hello to fall season.

It's finally nice to see the end of the line in a year of ups, downs, and inside outs. It will be nice to rest, and not have to worry about schedules for a little bit and be able to sit still.

Even though the pony has had off for a couple of days, it doesn't mean that the other ponies have off. Reba and Sincere continued with work until Sunday (normal day off). Local shows have their perks, as in, the regular working population continues on with their daily routines including chores. Makes for early starts and late evenings.
Reba has been alternating between lunging and under saddle work since arriving, while she's really giving all of herself in work, I'm bringing her back slowly to make sure she understands and conditioning is there. She's an incredible work-a-holic and whip smart to boot. It's been a bit of an adjustment from Sinari, who moves differently and I can push harder. There will be plenty of time to ramp into the deep part of training, right now the work is purely focused on getting her fully back into shape, figuring out our language and honing the basics. I might consider taking her out in public in November if everything is going according to plan.

Sincere however is ready to begin with his under saddle career again. It's been decided that a good friend and midget (seriously smaller than me) will take over the ride in November and get him to the East coast. Plus it gives her an extra ride.

Before shipping out to destinations known, I would like him to do at least 30 days of general backing and breaking. One problem-  the girl who I asked to start him backed out at the last minute, putting a kink in the schedule and a minor annoyance in my way. So I'm on the hunt for someone to back him out and get him through the young horse antics.

He's also enjoying his time in the chute. Really draws toward the fence and is very catty. I've never seen a pony have more fun.

Sinari came back the other day after an easy week of hacking out at a walk. She's still in show mode when I pick her up. Looking at the tests, there are several points that I want to work on before October. One of them is mediums and extensions, the other is half pass. But we can clean those up. 

There's some other things also out on the horizon as the regular season draws to a close, but more on this later. 

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