Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two for the show

So it's nearly September and the majority of life is still... in... flux.

Not exactly where I want to be, but when in doubt when life hands you a snow globe, just shake the damn thing until it settles or go to a horse show.

I vote going to a horse show.

Last year I enthusastically entered into the National Dressage Pony Cup PSG test. I barely had confirmed pir's and the tempi's were still a tad shakey, but I was boldly going where I had not clue about.

And the show, alongside a few others, supported it.

I love this show, it's exactly what the pony population needs and is a fabulous showcase for anything under 14.2. It even has small horse classes. To have this in my backyard is a heaven sent.

But it wasn't to be last year, the pony popped a split and was out for a little while. Then it was cold, rainy and miserable on top of it.

This year, entries are due and I was at a toss between Fourth level and PSG. 

A few days ago, out of sheer curosity we rolled through the PSG. Not expecting much, or anything brilliant I was reasonably impressed, but not enough to consider it. So I went to an non-bias source and rolled through it again.

It was respectable.

So on a whim (and a few bourbons of courage) I filed the entry for the NDPC at the Saint George and before I could change my mind the post went out in the morning mail.

Today, I realized I have less than two weeks till I reach something we've been working towards for a very long time and I thought I would never say it, but it's scary.

There comes a point in your life, when all you've wanted comes perfectly within grasp, and then you have to make a choice whether or not you really want it. I've wanted to do this since I started dressage about a decade ago. There wasn't really a day that made me stop wanting it and wanting it on a larger scale each passing year.

So, commitment phobias aside, I'm trying to get my game face on despite some reservations. We've been rolling through the test itself at least twice in a session picking things apart and putting it back together. The canter tour is a marathon and not recommended for the faint.

Still could use as much good juju as I can get though.

This also comes as fall season kicks off and a new horse arrives this weekend.


Net said...

Woohoo! Go Kelly, you're a rock star! So exciting! :)

If you don't go brag about it after you're done on the AA facebook group, I'm doing to do it for you, so you'd better get over there after the fact and once things settle down. :)

(For those not familiar... Adult Amateurs, not some other form of AA...)

Jen said...

I feel like this is an over-used statement, but you are my hero. Doing all that you've done, bringing her up through the levels like you've done, and working a full-time job? You give me hope that my Cob and I will be there someday too. The worst time to shop and the best time to sign up for a show are after a few bourbons of courage, right? Good luck, we are pulling for you! Keep us posted!