Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We've got to make it rain somehow

I started writing this complaining about the weather. Up until Friday, it was raining, and spent another week grounded because of weather and a convalescing pony.

Seems like karma can't catch a break.  

With the free time and plowing through my weekly groceries, I managed to catch up on paperwork. I was glued into the USEF National Dressage Finals pretty hard, cheering on friends who made it to the pinnacle of the season. Over the weekend I managed to stop by the NDPC/MSEDA show to watch a few of the rides, be around people and carry out appointments.

But, between rounds, I found out it's very hard for me to sit on the sidelines.In fact, it really bites.

So I went back to the barn, and instead of feeling out, I went to work.

Sincere was groomed and worked in hand. He's going through another growth spurt, and while he isn't swan ugly, he's not looking like a super model either. He's amazing to work with and alongside. Soon he'll be shipped out to winter pasture to grow up a little further.

Sinari was groomed, going to have to clip her soon. She's regained a lot of her energy and she's becoming jealous of Sincere. Hopefully will be back under saddle soon and preparing out for winter season.