Saturday, September 3, 2011


 It's dry out. You step on the grass out here and it's like walking on dead leaves. The ground is hard, and we're in need of some rain. We haven't galloped in ages. Otherwise, the last bit of summer is loosing it's grasp.

I'm not ashamed to bid this summer farewell, it's one that I haven't gotten to reflect on or idle in too much. The horses and I were busy from one weekend to the next, with few breathers until now.

The last week has been slow in the work department, the pony is still off. Her soreness is gone, but just want a vet clearance prior to taking her back into the program. Sincere is still going forward with what he's doing (hint: not a heck of a lot). There are a also a few interesting developments. Arena fever has set in and our attentions have turned to fall and winter training.

I wish we had a competitive indoor series like Europe, we have the facilities for it, and we do have a decent fall season schedule in October. However, personal plans are taking over around that time. So, forcibly, our show season is done. Next year though is already holding a lot of promise.

August Goals:
-Clinic in TN
Check, and had a lot of homework for it.
-School through PSG
Check, perfectly do-able, just going to take some practice.
-Send entry in for NDPC
Check, and then scratched.
-Re-flock saddle
Check, Sara Ivie of County Saddles is awesome.
-Transitions, halts, lateral work
Better transitions, and better lateral work, but need to tighten up the canter-halt transition.
-Finalize Kur.
Still toying with music. Going with Dr. Who, just need choreography.

September Goals:
-Clinic in TN
-Condition, keep running through PSG.
-Ready supplies for winter

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