Thursday, April 15, 2010

Times they are a changin'

Sincere is on another, never ending growth spurt. This time, it's not it's butt or whithers that's expanding, it's his muscle tone.

I think this is what Denny Emerson and Bruce Davidson meant when they said, kick the young horses out into the hills and don't worry about conditioning.

Gone is fluffy goosey baby, in that duckling's place is a handsome young man who is athletic looking and in my opinion, outclasses his classmates in fitness and tone.

Yes, he still has gawky written all over him, but he is a solid individual. He is the geek-jock of the herd.

And soon will be the days where I can no longer throw my arm around his shoulders.

But some things never change, he still likes to get his stockings dirty. I might as well start investing in Ivory soap.

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