Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love sticks sweat drips

For Sincere, growing up hasn't always been easy.

The first heart attack moment he gave was to his mother when he jumped the fence between fields and went hanging with his current band of brethren. No panic there. Thankfully he was reunited with May before anything got out of hand.

Then there was weaning, quickly followed by leading issues, quickly followed by the arena soon followed by our current challenge du jour: cross ties.

I'm not a fan of cross ties. I like ground tying and single ties, but cross ties just bother me. But still, it's a necessary thing to learn.

Sincere ties wonderfully, however, young horse ADD does kick in occasionally and it kicked in big time. He got himself turned around during the process, tangled on the ties and panicked. Thankfully, during that time he listened and then managed to pop off his halter without breaking it.

He was caught fed a few cookies and then put back on ties to finish up the experience. None worse for wear, but still, gives you a heart attack wondering.


Golden the Pony Girl said...

Oh babies. You have to love them! At least he had a good head on his shoulders and did not turn the bad situation worse.

SmartAlex said...

This is why my cross ties are on blocker rings... but there's not much you can do once they get flipped around. I think each of mine has done it at least once... except Ace, and he's probably due.