Friday, January 15, 2010

Blast from the past

This was posted on the YT not too long ago. The owner doesn't give me credit for riding, but oh well.  It was the mare's first time going down the centerline (Snowbird Schooling show) and was a wiggly worm. Looking back on it, it's not such a bad test, some good points, some low points (the frock was new and was more like a straight jacket) .

I wish the best for whoever ends up buying her. 


Unknown said...

And I love the smile you had on your face the entire time! She started out fairly squirrely, but seemed to settle into her work towards the end, and your last trot down the centerline to halt was much better than the first one. . .so really, I think this was a great first test! She looks like she's got a lot of zest and must be fun to ride.

Kelly said...

She was a hoot. One day great to go, the next. not so much. Her next show that was two or three months later she decided she was going to be a balky mule and stop in materiale. We were subsequently excused. Next day, came in and placed fourth in her Training level (or intro... can't remember) class.