Saturday, January 23, 2010

All together now

$250 later, I have my saddle back with some nice flocking.  Again, it's worth every, single, cent.

It also meant that I had to give back the nice Custom Saddlery saddle to my coach. It was a good move too, because I was becoming way too attached. It is for sale for anyone who is interested.

We rode straight through this week, most of it was in the snaffle with one day in the double. Results that were beyond what I expected.

With most of the work concentrated on bending and riding as flexibly as possible, she achieved a better amount of thoroughness and shwung through the back.

The major lateral work was sticky, so I left it be until the end of the week.

By the third session, we were in real work.

We began schooling more transitions, more collection and definitive parts of tests. Such as the double half pass from three-two and the canter V pirouette from PSG.

Schooling in the double was more of a mental exercise on both our ends. Mentally, it was for me to be still and keep the curb light and for her- to not hit the curb and overly react to it.

Schooling piaffe, we utilized the reinback to piaffe. The changes are her forte now, she's crack smart about changing, and threw in a small 'gimme' line of fours on her fresh day in addition to the regular changes. We also schooled reactions, the halt to immediate canter depart, the hi-ho silver routine, which helped immensely in piaffe/passage and medium work.

Pirouette work proved to be more tricky. The first two steps are brilliant, the third to fifth, however present issues. We utilized the 10 meter square exercise to help improve, but we're still about a yard too far from the line.

Shoulder-in and haunches in to the left is still very strong, however to the right, it's still a little hard, especially when I ask for a series of three's (three steps shoulder in, three steps straight, three steps of haunches in). Half pass she's once again getting too straight in the line I have to remember to hold back a few steps then release.

I'm most excited about her collection, Saturday we decided to a bit of back and forth from ultra collected canter immediately to medium/extended. She has it in her, just needs a more emphatic transitions. She gave five excellent transitions late into the session.These will only get better as we school them.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased and Sinari seems quite happy with herself.

On a side note, I'm considering breaking my New Year's vow of no showing. KDA is offering a few classes I feel would be up our alley. I'm also sponsoring said classes with cash incentive.

As much as I would like to complete out my bronze, the length of the counter canter required for second level is now way too much for her. Anyone have a pony that I could go second level on? ;-)

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