Friday, June 13, 2014

If's, and's and but's

I've been very familiar with crowd-sourcing for awhile now.

The first time I experienced the collective capacity of a population was through my former corporate job when they reached into their network to launch a project that would allow research for the production of quickly decomposable plastics (really exciting stuff right?), and the technology to turn former plastic soda bottles into shipping packaging. By allowing the publicly to own it- it allowed the expansion to happen much faster.

Crowd Sourcing has been around the equestrian world for a little while as well. I've seen riders fund everything from breeding endeavors, to major vet bills to funding the next big horse to regular show seasons to Olympic ambitions and European tours. While some were successful, and some faded off, the ability to pull the crowd together was interesting to watch, and provided good lessons.

So when I started looking at the bigger picture, I needed to look at what I'm doing and where I'm going.

Danzador is on the market, he will be sold later this year. Sinari, while still climbing the levels, needs time to develop into that last push without feeling pressured. Then there's Flair- who isn't remotely ready to do anything but give birth, and a gaggle of kids behind that. All the basics are there, but there's gaps and pauses in the talent. For

Starting a few weeks ago, I started my own version of crowd sourcing.

Personally, putting your hand out and asking for hard money without something return innately seems wrong at my level, if not awkward. While I am very emotionally invested into my horses, business and my work- it's still a business. There are bottom line numbers hanging around, it's not a charity, nor would I ever expect anyone to give me a leg up without expecting something equitable in return.

My first foray was to find potential syndicate members for re-sell horses. While I didn't expect people to whip out their check books and frequent flier miles to head off to the Elite Auction, was honestly surprised at the response. It seems like a viable idea to create quality investment horses and cash options with multiple parties and interests. The full idea is being hashed out while I put my nose to the ground for viable young prospects.

It also started a dialog with potential investors that I don't think I would have been able to reach for single ownership options.

This kinda led me to another crowd sourcing endeavor: finding a Grand Prix horse, to lease.

If you think finding a quality Grand Prix horse is hard, try finding one as a slightly affordable lease. It's like finding hens teeth, or more appropriately- the perfect test. It's a very unique situation between owner and lessor that involves a lot of trust and leeway. Even worse, is finding a schoolmaster who

So I posted this to Facebook thinking I'd a) get no response and/or b) get laughed at:

In about 48 hours, the response was surprisingly, very positive. The dialogs have been really opened, and there are a few viable prospects. More so, I'm incredibly grateful that a lot of the other professionals in the community have reached out and have given support, whether it be a prospect or words of encouragement.

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Allison E said...

Excited to see what the future brings you! Can't wait to see you soon for a margarita.