Thursday, February 27, 2014

Never change my pants Equissentials

People who know me best know that my clothes in general take a hard core beating day in and day
out. When I love an item, I really love it to death. It doesn't matter what it is, if it's good, I tend to take it to the limit.

I notoriously go through breeches.

In the beginning of my career, my mother had the forethought to buy things that last. This was true of anything we bought for the sport, it just had to last. My then coach, had introduced us to Equissentials, a unique clothing brand that makes breeches that utilizes doeskin leather and terrycloth. It was love at first sit. Forget your stick on spray, each pair locked me into position, they didn't grab or chafe and as someone who does have a figure, these were really flattering. They also offered free custom work on every pair, run regular specials and put their seconds on sale regularly for a fraction of the cost.

But where a lot of higher-end breeches failed at the end-life of their product, Equissentials succeeded.

They were definitely were into up cycling prior to it becoming on the rage in main stream culture. Instead of tossing away breeches, the company salvages them, putting old seats on new cloth (the leather is sewn on to instead of in to the cloth) to extend the lifetime use of the breech. For someone who can't justify dropping $200 plus on a new pair every time a hole appears, this is a definite blessing on my finances, plus makes my favorite hard-wearing pair last that much longer.

My oldest pair- my winter weight full seats- are now 12 plus years old and still going strong, my youngest pair is about six years old and were in regular daily rotation on four plus horses a day until recently.

In 2013, I was convinced by a good fashion friend to try a few different brands to supplement the slowly dying pairs that are still in rotation.

Minus a pair of Pikeurs, it was mostly a failure. At the end of the year there were holes in the nubuck/cloth. But everything from zippers, to buttons breaking down or falling off occurred. I couldn't interchange the cloth and leather, and what's worse it took awhile to feel secure in my seat again- the synthetic full seat material was very slippery. By the end, I had one standing pair left and it bore the brunt of my undying affections until it was cold enough to switch to my stand-by winter weight full seats.

That's when you go back to your first love, and what your mom taught you.

Flash forward to February 2014, I'm proud to announce sponsorship from Equissentials, the line of breeches that has been with me since I got on my first dressage horse and has outlasted many things since.

I'm proud to be apart of a company that not only stands behind the brand but is also innovative in the way they treat their products and people.

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