Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All around the world

I've been really naughty and not posting. Partly for good reason, partly because my internet on the road is more than sketchy at best. 

Part of what I've become since last year is more active. I used to barely travel outside of Kentucky to ride, and now I'm hauling to the big East. My trailer time went from an average of maybe a once a quarter trip in the spring to now a once a month thing.

I blame Koford.

After last week's clinic with Houston, the pony and I traveled out again to VA to see Koford, Houston and Shannon Peters.

I was going to host Shannon (that was a whole another kettle of fish that was cancelled) that weekend and pick up more time training with Koford and Houston. While Shannon didn't happen due to a strange airplane cancellation, spending time with the amazing Morningside crew, Koford, Houston and company did.

Sometimes karma just works out in your favor.

We really ramped into training with Koford, the balance came way up and we rolled through PSG. Found out that the pony had a fitness issue and needed to work on condition for the marathon test ahead. But for the most part we both agreed that we would be ready to roll (barring a flop at 4th) PSG in July.

Houston saw us after the three day ramp in and still had stuff to tweak on my position and accuracy.

It's nice to have the guys in your corner pushing you and helping you go in a direction.

Between rounds, I had a Wednesday photoshoot with photographers Wendy Wooley and Matt Wooley. Since they participate in what I host I felt turnabout was fair play and became a working model for about 45 minutes for 8 photographers.

It was the first time I wore a shad in public. Not entirely too sure about it still, but we rolled through elements of fourth and the PSG (plus some half steps). The pony was braided up and looking spectacular. One of the images above is one of my favorites, I'm looking forward to seeing the entire results.

I'll recap April and do May's goals soon. But for now there's just too much going on.


Karen said...

Ah that explains it! I saw the photos of you in the shad and thought maybe you had kept your PSG show debut a secret!

Kelly said...

Nooooo there would be massive amounts of fanfare for that one. Probably one too many bottles of champagne too.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I'm really loving this blog and I look forward to your future posts!!