Thursday, April 5, 2012

We've got the funk

Spring funk is here too.Unlike the weather, it's not a welcomed visitor.

Rain rot is one thing (it's up and down her legs and on her belly), but what happened on Friday and have been battling until now, is something different and kinda has me baffled as how Sinari did it considering that the last run in with ants there were visible mounds of them.

Friday rolls in and I go out to the field and Sinari is hanging out. Everything looks fine until I go and scratch her on her back and she about collapses on the ground. Looking at her whithers and back she had broke out in quarter sized lumps that were wrinkling and really hot to the touch. Confused

Fast forward a few days later, and well, things are better, the swelling is gone in some areas or down to almost nothing. Sensitivity is also gone, but now comes the fallout, the dead skin is sloughing off in patch work to red patches of skin.

Needless to say, under saddle work has been canceled, which sucks. So we're lunging to keep up fitness and other things. After the third day of walking circles you get fairly creative with your routine, you start to add poles, or work on collection, she's smart enough to do walk canter transitions and a few other things.  But until I can come up with some sort of solution (possibly involved a few lambskins) on the ground we stay.


Jen said...

Oh, I've been meaning to comment on your blog for so long and I keep forgetting! I'm really sorry to hear about this setback. I have to wonder if predisposition to rainrot is a Cob thing; every Cob I've ever known has had it even when kept indoors and/or blanketed. Connor gets little patches here and there all the time, I can barely call it rainrot it's so small, but it's the classic "paintbrush lesion."

Kelly said...

It's no worries!

It's the first time in six years that we've had it this bad (last time was 06 when we had a similar pattern). I think its honestly from the the wonky weather, and probably a partial left over from Welly world. Thankfully it's resolving itself quickly (Corona and antiseptic), but it's a decent excuse to break out the lunge line.