Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunset in July

We went back to work last week and started hauling through the training. We had our arguments about certain items, and we began discussing the tempi's again and a number of other things, but it seems that we're right where we need to be. We've worked through the vast majority of elements in the PSG, and I'm feeling fairly satisfied over it. Today she worked pir's with moderate success.

The time in the fields did her well, although she came back from her gallop sets a little more braced and rushy. I'm happy to have her back in the arena. I managed to carve out a kur, I just want to get it in front of JK and CF for final approval before I ship the tapes out and stick it on Youtube.

August for us is normally a light month, there is only one show in-state and it's usually too hot to even thing about attending unless you're desperate for a score. Riding is usually kept to early mornings or evenings, and there's usually a lot of water involved for all parties.

I'm using this month to prep up for the final show of the season, the National Dressage Pony Cup. The NDPC is a strictly pony-only show, it's sister show, East Coast Pony Cup, takes place later this month in New York. While I really wish I was going, a lot of good ponies are going to be there, but it's just not in the cards this year. I have a feeling that I will be the only one at PSG at this one, and the judges are pretty alright.

I've seriously waited for this entry for a long time and I'm still a little hyper, and a little sensitive about entering. It's a huge leap. But I trust the training, and I trust the people that have brought me to this point and believe that the pony can do it.

So far, we've managed to get good training in, and it doesn't feel like we're over doing things, and hopefully within the four weeks we can put everything together. Despite a low-key schedule there is a lot being planned to get us through the month.

But for now July's recap:

July Goals:
-Clinic in TN
Check, it didn't go exactly as planned, but ended up exactly how we needed to be.
-VA Show
Check, biggest success of the month. Had a fantastic time there. Want to go back.
-Finish Bronze
Check. Best birthday present the pony could have given me.
-Halts and transitions
Still need work, we need to bump those 6's and 7's.
-Condition, condition, condition
Check. She's gained more muscle for the mediums and extensions.
-Decide level for NDPC
See photo:)
-Finish Kur.
Check. Just have to choreograph.
-Tempi's, big, bold tempi's.
Rehashed these. She needs an adjustment and a reflock to really start swinging for the fences. 

August Goals:
-Clinic in TN
-School through PSG
-Send entry in for NDPC
-Re-flock saddle
-Transitions, halts, lateral work
-Finalize Kur.


Karen said...

PSG! Yay! I'm so proud of you and have enjoyed reading about your journey. Kick some ass girl!

Kelly said...

I don't know how much ass we'll kick, but we'll give it a good shot! Everyone is invited out to celebrate. Going to need a cheering section and a shot of courage.