Saturday, April 25, 2009

Purple people eater

Greetings from Rolex!

Despite traveling the "great" distance of 20 miles or so to the Kentucky Horse Park, every year I go it feels like I've been transplanted very far from my backyard.

For the last two days I've played hooky from work, but for the last four, I've been working behind the scenes helping take care of the infamous four-star course. I was graciously volunteered for course planting and covering. To give you the scope of the course- it's (I believe) 25 jumping efforts with 5 or 6 complexes. 18 to 20 of those jumps have perennials which can wilt. Because of the bi-polar weather going from 50 to 30 and then from 40 to 70, the flowers needed to be covered every night.

Which took four to five hours. In the rain and cold.

It wasn't so bad. I enjoyed it and the company.

Rolex is also the one time out of the year where I loosen the wallet and shop for myself. This year's deals include a pair of Equissentials full seats (purple!) and 18 dollar stubben reins. My double bridle is complete, and we can start hacking out on it.

I also exposed the boy's mother to all things equestrian. I think she had a good time.

Aside from being distracted for three more days than I wanted, we went back to riding. Yesterday worked on three surfaces, and today we had a lesson. It was easy in comparison, but we worked on thoroughness, which for Sinari can be hard.

Bella also made her seasonal start today. Both biological and physically. She's into her second day after being off of work and on the ground. She's an interesting horse, with physically talented enough to do third level, but recalcitrant enough to be considered part cow. When she's on, she's really on and I think from the time off, she matured, but she, like Sinari is in raging heat. Which bites. So we deal for now.

May is in her final countdown, and bagging up. No veins yet, but getting there with a sagging croup and extended vulva. Still having trouble with S names. Added to the list: Synonym, or Synonymous. It will probably change by next week.

Otherwise, still cleaning up from the show, and it promises to be a very busy week for Derby.

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