Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feet back on the ground

We landed on Monday, two hours late, but still arrived. My mind is still very dizzy.

The most stark change was the lack of snow, which in the south only lasts a few days or not at all. Flying out of white out was interesting. The cold never changes, but you can definitely feel spring coming.

Despite going to my house in New Jersey, attending lecture at Julliard, seeing Bach's Mass in D Minor and seeing my family, I missed my horses more, and riding terribly. Since landing I've been itching to get back to work and in the saddle, I was even allowed dispensation to come to the barn after hours, to look in. Walking through the barn for the first time it was good to see her face over the door. I was even elated to see May, who looked extremely pregnant.

I've been playing catch up since I've landed and so, I didn't move Sinari back until today due to a few scheduling conflicts. But she's back and we begin back tomorrow, I can't wait. We have a show in two weeks and there's so much to do.

With that, my poor to-do list exploded. From having the billets shortened up to finding a new pair of show boots and co-heading the green team at work, it just seems like a small mountain of stuff and laundry descended on my desk. I still need to clean out my truck and have a few things due for various people.

Tis the season and it's only started.

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Andrea said...

Tis the season indeed! My first real event isn't until May but the opening date is the 24th of this month, and I am flying around trying to make sure her Coggins and Rabies are renewed so I can have that set to send with my entry, and that I have enough money and papers to send and this and that and the vet is coming to do that and the chiropractor is too and I need to figure out when conditioning starts and when the rest of the show opening dates are and when all the clinicians are coming and how much that's gonna cost and and and and and....!