Sponsors and Supporters

Pennfields has been powering Team EnGaged LLC for over five years. The feed is simply most consistent, nutritionally dense, high quality grains on the market today and has made the Team's horses blossom.


Core Therapies is Team EnGaged LLC's go to chiropractor. Dr. Carol has been a wonderful supplemental addition to helping keep horses developing and integral in preparing them to go down the centerline.


 Middy n Me is a clothing sponsor of Team EnGaged. Fun and fashion forward, Kimberly's designs break up the monochromatic world of dressage fashion and gives riders an opportunity to show personality on or off their horse. The shirts, as Kelly will tell anyone, are incredibly hard wearing and easily laundered, and are a must for any fashion-concious rider.


Equissentials is the breeches sponsor of Team EnGaged. Forget your Stick It Spray, these pants lock you in. Quality craftsmanship, coupled with with stellar design, custom work and comfort that lasts for decades of hard riding.

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