Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lean On

The last few weeks have been the stretch run of summer. It's the quiet lull of the routine between shows, clinics and events that make the days drone on. Every day is a little like Groundhogs Day. I live in the same twenty meter space or out in the same wide open field.  Every day, the same, but a little different.

Mostly the weather hasn't cooperated in our favor. It's rained about 3/4's of the summer, and when it hasn't rained the fields have become utter slop.

Thankfully, the season is over half way done. 

Still on the girls' docket is KWPN Keuring, Devon and maybe Tryon YHS if the calendar leans toward it and if we feel like traveling out again.

The KWPN Keuring has been the first priority in the books.

Both mares are putting the finishing touches on the IBOP test and working in hand. There are some other minor details to take care of but, those can only be taken care of over time or at last minute. The difficulty of Keuring isn't it's just a one and done deal, and if you flop it there's very little chance of a good re-do. It's a lifetime impression. So I'm pretty bent on creating this solid impression for both horses.

Despite my worries for the Keuring, I'm so thoroughly happy with how both girls have developed this year. It positions us really well for for 2016, and focusing us on the young horse things. 

Flair has begun the transition to becoming my main horse. I'm having a blast just starting up with her. Most of the rides have been comprised of just stretching over the topline and getting used to her gaits which aren't together yet. Like every green horse, they loose balance, speed up, slow down or become disconnected over the back. She's no exception.  I enjoy her work ethic, which is outstanding, she gives you 110 percent every time out. 

Haiku has gone through growth spurt after growth spurt. With the Keuring approaching I just have to put blinders on somedays and hope that she doesn't look downhill and like a mule. In her growth, she's put on a full hand and at least 100lbs of topline in the hind end. Her weight looks great. I wish she would gain some width in the chest, but I think that will be given with time.

Still I know I'm being picky, for a three year old she's very much ahead of her group. I'm lucky to get to view other US based three year olds frequently, many of which aren't started or in any shape to be started.

Over the past weekend we went out and trained with Elly Schobel, who came by to teach over two days. Elly, aside from being a good friend,  is an excellent teacher with a very straightforward approach that is rooted in producing good basics. She's very good with not just with the mature horses, but has a really solid view of what young horses are. Plus we jive well.

Having a fresh on the mares was really important to me- simply because I see the same horses day in and out and sometimes the training becomes plateaued or I'm getting stuck in an approach. Despite having the August 30 outing on our calendar, Elly encouraged us to keep focusing in on the smaller details while focusing in on the larger picture at hand. Even in the arena, I forgot that we could change things up with different little gymnastic exercises to focus in on making the bodies more reactive.

Overall, things are cooking and in spite of my personal opinion things are progressing once again. 

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Aoife said...

Elly's advice sounds awesome and the girls seem to be ticking all the right boxes. I cannot wait to read all about Keuring.
I love your blog it is such a wonderful insight into a world i know so little about. Thank you so much for sharing your journeys with us