Friday, December 12, 2014

Your stairway lies on the whispering wind

It's been close to impossible writing this post and so it's been kind of quiet here.

I've tried so many drafts each kind of close but not really right. How do you break news that will very much alter your world and your perception of it?

After two successful back to back clinics with Mary King, I hopped one more flight. This time to the Netherlands. It's been awhile since I've been, and last time I travelled there, I was much younger and there for different reasons. 

The trip actually started in August when I saw everyone's plans for Florida. 

I love Florida.

Who wouldn't? It's warm, it has all the major competitions within a four month span, plus prize money. You're neighbors with top riders, who you can extend your education with easily. The selling market is pretty good, in addition to all the fun social stuff that goes with the temporary office space and socially starved riders.

I, like many other riders worship at Our Lady of Palm Beach come January. The last winter being the bad exception to that streak. This year, I was unsure of where I was going to end up. My rides are very young, 2, 5, 4 and 15. Sinari doesn't need to go down to the fishbowl, neither do the kids. I was left facing some choices including an eternal winter to face and not a whole lot of riding or teaching if winter turned south. 

I thought a working student position would be a good idea. But being over qualified and 30 against 20 something's has its own set of issues. Time was running short, everyone was confirming their plans and I felt very much stuck. 

During a few conversations my mentors and friends suggested I expand my search, knowing that if I went after anything less than something that would have a good ROI in terms of network, learning or career advancement I would be terribly angry with myself. 

That search lead to Holland. 

I went over not expecting much, if anything I was expecting the comments to be along the lines of nice, but American. 

So, I rode, worked, drank coffee, rode, worked some more, showed up and kept my head down. 

By Tuesday I found my routine, and I stuck to it. By my last day, I found myself at home with the head riders helping me through some sticky areas.  I barely know anything in another language, and while lonely, horse in any language creates a common bond. In a short week I received an eye opening education and came away with more things I wanted to do than have time for. 

Before I left an offer came through for a barn in Germany and, like in 2002 when I received my first acceptance letters to University, I felt like I took one huge step to put myself forward into my career. 

So, in short, I will be riding and campaigning in Europe for the winter months. 


Jen said...

Wow, congratulations! What a great opportunity for you. I hope you are able to post some sporadic blog updates, I would love to follow along with you over there.

Sue said...

How great Kelly! Congrats!

emma said...

congratulations!! very exciting for you and your program - and i also hope you can keep us updated!

T said...

What an exciting opportunity! Congrats :)Add me to the list of people who would love updates!

Aoife said...

That is fantastic news, if you come anywhere near Luxembourg please let me know and I can either put you up and/or cheer you on!
What an adventure, I hope you have a ball

Austen Gage said...

So excited for you!!

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone! The words of support mean a ton. I'll try to keep up with as much as I can :) Just depends on internet availability and how much energy I will have left at the end of the day.

Aoife- I'll be in Hanover. I hope to get a spare day off and go the country sometime, would definitely would love to meet up for a coffee.

Aoife said...

Please do drop me a comment on my blog if &/or when you are settled in Hanover and we'll see what we can organise ☺