Saturday, January 11, 2014

Come a little closer

We're hitting the arena pretty hard for not going down to Florida. All horses are pretty much going full steam when the weather isn't -20 degrees. It's making for an interesting schedule, it's pretty much work all the time unless the weather interferes.

Was extremely sketchy this week, it went down below zero for more than two days, and it was difficult to find an excuse to go outside let alone take their blankets off to work. My pathways were iced over and hard to navigate without myself loosing footing. All of mine stayed inside. Needless to say we had a few exuberant rides after that.

I'm continuing to bring Sinari back into shape, this week as really difficult for her in that I was picking movements apart and making them into gymnastic work. The lateral work seems to be a little tricky at the moment wanting to lean, or go straight or just run through the half halts. My current favorite exercise (much to her distain) is the walk-canter transitions in the half pass. It really forces her to remain through and accepting in the work. It's going to take awhile to get the point across, especially after the hard summer where her back went out from a bad heat cycle.

Danzador's fitness is already particularly good. It's more or less about keeping him building in the right direction which can be tough. He still goes through growth spurts and can be a bit coltish sometimes.

A lot of what he's doing right now is also half halt related but really interplays with balance. At nearly five years old, he's developing his mediums, each day it gets a little better and a little stronger. I've also been playing with a lot of lateral work as well. His half steps are becoming more piaffey.

The downtime was productive, I had enough things in the office to do (website, Facebook page, marketing options, contract development) that normally are left last to do in better weather.

In addition to this was a lot of planning for move in time for several horses in addition to horse shopping for a client.

There will also be two new PRE's in the barn, Hidden Pond Farm in Ohio is shipping in three for training, two are for sale immediately.

The ones on the market are the two rising six-year-olds by Barbian, Asanto HPF, Denia HPF. They are wonderful examples of the breed and will be very competitive in the arenas. They would make any Amateur happy going down the centerline at the regional level. I do feel that Asanto would make a good competitive

Luciado HPF (Fetichin), is Danzador Jr. He's a dead on replica of Danzador (down to the sock), but has more body that Fetichin imparted and being left entire a little longer. Rising four, he's definitely my candidate for next year's FEI Five year old test. This year, it would be great to do material and get his feet wet at training level.

I'm thrilled at the opportunity that Pam Nelson (as I am with the others who have stepped up) has given me, they're wonderfully bred horses and from a consistent, good program which makes my job that much easier. I can't tell you how many times I've handled hair wild horses from a breeder that need work but are already four years old and haven't been touched in a year.

I can't wait to see how these horses develop for the season and get their resume started.


Karen said...

Stealing your canter half-pass exercise. Question: Do you continue the half pass through the transition (canter, walk, keep half passing) or go straight for a moment? :)

Kelly said...

Keep on half passing or I add a walk pirouette.