Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This is all I need

My hiatus from the world is coming to a close.

This year, after Florida, I made the decision to shut my barn doors for a little while and just regroup. For the last three years the pony and myself have been campaigning hard with the sole focus of reaching FEI. It's been an all consuming, ass-kicking goal. Now that we're here, the only other place to go is to finish out. But this meant stepping back and into a different place mentally.  

So the summer has been a nice break from the usual trek around the country I do.

But all good things...

Not only is the fall season near, but a few events are on the horizon. In July I have to trek to Hassler Dressage to manage Courtney's Emerging Athlete Dressage Program (EDAP for short).  It's about four days of intensive learning for the under 21 crowd. I couldn't be more pleased to be invited along to manage the day-to-day operation. I'm hoping to bring the pony or Danzador along for the ride for some extra education by Lendon, JJ, Debbie or Courtney herself, but we're still hammering out details.

I also have three days with Alfredo Hernandez which is great because I finally get time working P and P with better timing and feel and during the same week I have lessons with Cathy Fox, Lendon and JJ. 

One thing I will miss this year and it seems terrible, is Dressage at Lexington. I loved this show since I first started going to it two years ago. It's about a five hour haul from Lexington, Ky, but the facility, the management and the competition are very nice. It's low key, but not short on quality. It does a lovely job with Amateurs, awards, and making sure everyone feels at home. It's also the only show my family attends to, so I may or may not get to see my parents this year.

It's also one of the few shows that I can catch up with everyone all at once. I was debating about Danazador or Fritz for this show, but Danzador needs to develop more (not to mention my relationship with him) and Fritz, while he enjoys traveling, needs more conditioning.

With July here, and fall on us, it's time to ramp in again. 

This week Sinari really started comitting to I1. We aren't leaving PSG entirely behind, but really started working the elements of the I1 test, her trot work felt pretty good, her canter needs to be more adjustable. Her two's are going to be very fun, if only I could learn to half halt quicker. She's steadily doing trot sets for 1 hour with 4 minute rest periods. Canter-extended canter-collected canter hill sets are coming. The transitions are getting sharper. Pir's still feel interpretative somedays.

Danzador had the majority of the week off because he decided to roll on a nest of ground bee's and came in looking like Phantom of the Opera. Dork. We cleared him to ride again three days ago, and despite being ADD, he's a good boy. We're figuring each other out. He's fun as all get out and when he stops being a baby, he'll be very special. Overall he's really coming up in the balance, and forcing me to ride and lay a correct foundation. His main issues are curling, and sucking behind the leg.

Fritz was a serious star the other week as well- he went on his first official conditioning ride out in Shakertown, a historical farm out in Harrodsburg. This is where a lot of the hunt clubs, serious trail riders, and endurance riders ride and condition. The trails are spectacular out there and well maintained. He answered all the questions and was a happy boy. We're aiming him towards the IBOP in Coatsville, PA, with the thought of doing materiale and suitability in the summer and fall.

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