Monday, February 4, 2013

Chasing the sun

I didn't plan this trip well, in fact I think I winged most of it right down to my departure.

First, I was planning on staying in the great white north, hoping the weather would cooperate and get my herd ready for their spring runs. I was (and still am) looking forward to a few arrivals. I was actually looking forward not having to worry about the fishbowl that is Wellington, or who was doing what, where.

That hope of hibernation was dashed when clinicians started agreeing to do clinics in the sunny south (Europeans who want to go to Florida, go figure). After rounds of whacky scheduling, I set up a few things, and next thing you know I have some work to do. Was thinking I would just go down and come back for the few events that I had so I could keep my budget/sanity and avoid a drive.

Even that was dashed.

Then the pony started clicking in, ready enough to do a few tests and work some lessons. So why the hell not go down and get this party started right? Plus I have to go look at a few horses, finalize what is now Kobe, and appointments to shore up.

There's no avoiding it, if you want to be serious about dressage you go south.

I went down last year  to train with Koford and worked a little with Atkins. This year it's a bit of a burgoo of training, work and showing. I have no real intense day-in and day-out help there. I'm also bringing down just one horse, and picked up another one along the way. A literal vacation from the thundering herd up here.

I managed to squeak out three weeks of time, I need to be back to continue with the herd up here and to also check the snail mail plus keep a host of other projects on the burner.

So far it's been a huge adventure, leaving Lexington at 10am and arriving the next day at 2am. Minor truck and phone issues after we had arrived.

After the recovery, it was back to riding, schooling around White Fences, in between rounds myself and company caught the Masters, and sat at the Global Dressage Forum, did a weekend of showing, more training, and then we're now in the final week of events and clinics.

The universe tends to shrink around this time of year to the size of Palm Beach County. This becomes Mecca and a uniquely intense period of time to do business, get fit for the season, kick off the season, and interact with friends and people you haven't seen in a long time.

Everyone, including the most professional of professionals, develop the worst case of ADD. But it's not without just cause.

This week alone I've fielded what feels like a bazillion phone calls, coordinated without any "real internet" (hello mobile), or "real computer" (hello iPad) took lessons at Still Point Farm, started to ride Kobe and figure him out (more lessons), show and obtained my final score towards my Silver.  With the season well under way and another goal checked off, I can easily breathe until May for recognized showing.

It doesn't mean that the rest of the string won't be out, Reba is going to the Snowbird show, Kobe will be most likely going as well if I can get myself under control trot wise. Sinari will be refocused to I1.

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