Sunday, January 20, 2013

I say goobye, you say hello

I bred Sincere roughly three years ago to be my upper level prospect for when Sinari stepped down.

I almost got what I asked for.

His dam wasn't my favorite, in fact she was a little difficult and could be very opinionated about life, but she was an excellent broodmare, and was the herd mother of the group keeping everyone in line and teaching all the foals some strict ground rules. Sincere was one of the best she's produced to date. She's now working with an old friend in Michigan who loves her to pieces and is having her own life.

His sire was Dutch and jumper bred through his sire's side, but performed and placed at the USEF Young Horse Finals when it was here in Kentucky a number of years ago. I originally thought he was a gelding because he was really just that professional about his career. He was bay and had the right talent in the right places. His damline was very strong. He retired out way too early due to his owner not having money to campaign him.

I bought the breeding not really knowing where this cross would lead, but felt it would lead to something good, even though I was yelled and degraded repeatedly not to cross the two and throughout the pregnancy by a former friend and a employer.

It is with some satisfaction that I'll say, I think he turned out just fine and my craps shoot ended up a well played gamble. The GOV was interested at one point to have him as a pony stallion candidate, which gives me a nice ego boost to have this particular pairing go well.

I've watched him for three years grow up from a gangly little foal that could canter up and down hills with abandon to a nice young horse that I'm really proud to say: I created him, he's a product of my program, my decisions and my efforts.

While there are parts, selfish parts, of me that want to keep him, that want my rider to bring him to the one star level to be by his side when he finished a round or a course, I know I can't do it. I know fiscally it would be very hard, and secondly it would be unfair. Not to him, but to my own goals. To the others that are coming up, and the others who have yet to make their place with me.

He loves his job and will be very good at it with time. The person who purchased him adores him, and thinks the world of him. He will do me proud being a happy go getter and I'll always be his first fan and cheerleader.I couldn't be happier with the home he's going to. I can honestly say I got the best of both worlds.

So today is the day where I say not really a goodbye, but bon chance as he loads into the trailer for his new life and goes down the road. I already miss him, but I know he's started his own grand adventure, and I can't wait to see the next part of it.

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