Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carry on

It's the end of January, and I'm looking at some fairly sweeping changes that have been brewing for sometime. A lot of them are welcomed and many of them are of the house keeping variety.

I've kept most quiet on the subject because until things are signed and delivered, I really don't think that they're final. It's nothing against people, it's just what I've come to know about the horse world, nothing is ever final until ink is dry and the horse is in your hands.  But with details that are falling rapidly in to place things can be announced.

I'm forming a new venture that focuses on the horsey portion of my life.

This does not mean I'm backing away from the clinics or turning pro, it's just a way to keep the goals and finances aligned correctly. It's something that's been coming down the pike for sometime.

My main horse-related income is still derived from the clinics and organization, but this is a nice supplement to increasing saddle time, funding future investments and campaigning horses at FEI.

Speaking of FEI, things are changing there too.

Secondly, I recently came into an agreement with another rider to take on one of her FEI horses. Kobe is a huge departure from what I'm currently on (17 hands, grey, gelding) but he's a very capable individual who is confirmed small tour and the majority of the GP elements. Not the fanciest but really a great card. He's a fantastic schoolmaster, and really pushes buttons. I've bought stock in old lady shampoo and I officially look like a midget.

The big aim this year is to be qualified for the Dressage at Devon CDI*** at the small tour.

As exciting as this is, this is incredibly daunting. It's a steep learning curve that doesn't forgive, but to go where I want to go, I have to go there. This also means campaigning two FEI horses plus the roster of lower level horses while maintaining the normal job, the clinics and actively training. 

Finally, there's the pipeline. Two breedings are in the works. One in Canada, a KWPN, and one out of Reba via ET. Both present excellent futures as world class competitive FEI mounts (knowing my luck I'll have another jumper!).

So... that bigger trailer...


Karen said...

How exciting!! He looks quite handsome. And gorgeous! Love the big tall geldings. Enjoy the view! :)

Kelly said...

Quite a different ride! The new venture sounds exciting - looking forward to hearing more.

Kelly said...

Probably going to have to steal your trailer!! He's too small for mine:)