Monday, January 14, 2013

Bring the action

By the end of November, I was pretty much mentally floating away to Margaritaville. No horse shows in sight, and the thought of hitching up to go anywhere was pretty much met with cold sweat and that queasy feeling that if I did this one more time, my head might just explode.

A few weeks off, a few successful clinics hither and yon, time home with the herd and my family and developing a plan of attack for 2013 put us back into the game.  I'm ready.

The horses are rocking right along with prep, I'm becoming happier with each one of them and I can't wait to come out to the season.

Sincere takes home the gold star, not only does this 3.5 year old know his job, he does it with a lot of enthusiasm. He jumps small fences, he has a green lead change, he hacks alone, he loads, he's safe for the AA and flashy enough for the Pro. He goes to strange arenas and does just about everything. He loves his job and there's not a single 'no' in him.

Sinari is equally on good terms, schooling piaffe, passage and pir's. Her trot work is the strong point at the moment with the best mediums I've ever felt and the pir's are becoming rideable. It will take me a year to solidify the pi/pa and finish her one's. I've been insisting on straighter changes, simply because I don't want to leave points on the table on  what is one of her highlights. She's coming back strong and I need to find a schooling show to take her to so she can click into getting back into show mode.

In the meantime we had to re-clip. She grew about a solid couple of inches of hair when she was let down after the BLM's. Normally I don't mind fuzzy, but since things are gearing in quickly and the European sport that ironically doesn't like hair, the fluff had to be defluffed. Spent a rainy Sunday afternoon doing this, I now sport a bear suit and have a naked pony. 

Reba is working consistently as well. She is progressing nicely. Her topline is returning and she's gained more muscle. She's still not 100 percent focused on her job and I still think though she's a few months out from actual showing.

So with a trip coming up quickly I made the decision for her to stay out of the Wellington fishbowl and in training up in Kentucky. It kinda dissapoints me simply because I wanted her to go in front of a few people and she is Florida quality. But, I also know I want her to show and reflect her breeding and the training, so I think the money and time is better spent up here still gaining fitness, still going forward in a non-pressure situation.

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