Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turkey trotting (or 300 posts later)

I've been kinda quiet lately, namely because things, as usual are busy despite having no shows to attend to, and just coming off a two day clinic with Ulf Moeller and a trip up and down the East Coast (I think I did roughly 3,000 miles round trip) and then turning around and hosting Robert Dover plus planning a few fun projects for the Florida season next year. I'm very excited for the new year.

Like fall, things are changing, hopefully for the better. I have a few long term projects coming to fruition and others that are finally being put to rest. Either way, it's been a long climb this year with great moments and not-so great moments.

For two, very nice Indian Fall weeks, I was at home with my family and horses celebrating the holiday. After my last wandering into the yonder, I'm at home for, get this, a solid five weeks. I'm ecstatic.

The phone was mostly put on quiet throughout the holiday (alright we were playing Words with Friends) and I got to ride consistently and sleep in my own bed. This, and a stocked fridge, nothing really makes me happier.

Really, I am lucky to have this life, and while it isn't always wonderful, I'm thankful for the ability and support to pursue this path, for the horses that have come into my life, and for the people that continuously teach me.

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