Friday, December 21, 2012

Set the world on fire

It's the end of the world year.

And the weather is matching it to boot. Gray, dreary, snow.

Three things I absolutely loathe. 

Not unhappy to bid the year goodbye. It's been an active year full of ups, downs and bumps along the way. I had a laundry list of goals for this year, some seemed a little far fetched and some were actually within striking distance.

Goals 2012
  1. Sinari to roll at 4th/PSG and school around I2.
    Check. More than Check, we actually pulled decent scores and earned all necessary  PSG scores for the PSG part of the Silver.
  2. Start/finish Silver Medal
    Started, one score shy at fourth level.
  3. Find a schoolmaster, start working towards CDI's
    EDIT 12/30/12: Actually something fell in my lap last minute. Details to follow. 
  4. Ride Sincere, and get him through his first big boy outings
    He's been backed and is doing really well in his new career. He's up for sale too.
  5. Continue to grow the business, but find balance in between.
    The business took over my life to some success and some failure.Along the way I figured out what I really want to try for 2013, and who really is in my corner (and who isn't). I did a lot of miles this year either way.
  6. Finish 2nd half of L program, gain scores for r.
    Couldn't find a program that jived with the schedule. I'm really worried about falling behind the curve on this one. No scores obtained for r.
  7. Start my apprenticeship for my organizers stuff
    Check. California was wonderful for this. I don't know if I'll be pursuing this in the future because I'm just refocusing on the riding portion of my life. 

1. Complete silver. Start Gold.
2. Be training the I2/GP. Be showing 2nd schooling 3rd/4th on Reba.
3. Find investment horses
4. Consistently devote two weeks of intense training per quarter.
5. Continue to grow the business, and remain financially solvent

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