Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saddles For Sale

Like everything around here, my horses have changed... again.

Saddle fitting is art and science, but mostly it's a pain. While I'm happy that the changes are positive, with horses gaining topline and changing due to training and maturity, I'm not happy I'm back in the throw darts mode of finding something. Thankfully, I have a really good team of people for that in County Saddles (Sara Ivie let me count the ways...).

Surprisingly, Sincere's saddle is a Schleese. Or was. It statically fit him two months ago. But when we got into more serious work, he changed and doesn't fit now to the point where its teeing him off. So on the market it goes for something that will keep him and his back happy.

It's a four year old dark brown 17.5 wide Schleese JER with long billets. Exceptionally pretty and in great condition. I'm asking $700 obo.

It's pictured right.

Following in her younger counterpart's steps, Sinari, decided it was time for a change.

Sinari has become fit to the point where she dropped an entire tree size (despite being a few pounds too heavy) and what awesome County rep Sara Ivie and I thought would be the forever saddle turned out to be a temporary band aid. So we're on the search again and I've put her's on the market as well to help aid that search financially.

Sinari's saddle is a 17.5 inch extra wide black County Competitor. At five years old, it truly is a fantastic saddle, helping us develop and get to this place, and fits the majority of horses it's thrown on, in fact I've had horses throw fits because they don't want to go back to their old saddle. It was recently reflocked, and is regularly conditioned. I'm asking 1,800 obo.

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Kelly said...

Sara is the greatest - loving my County Connection! Best of luck selling your saddles!