Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roll away your stone

It's been a catch up week with everything.

We all got back last week and now the tedious part of unpacking, reorganizing and setting up camp up here again.

Everyone has settled in well an have gotten back to work. If there is one small perk is that the weather has been mild this year in Kentucky (I'm sure we're going to pay for it later), but rainy. We're already on track to match what we did last year. So we're regulated to the indoor until the weather and footing clears out.

Which is depressing.

But, it's time well spent. I just wish I could hack out and work on some of the cardio stuff.

Being home also means seeing the young guy in his winter grounds.

Sincere hasn't changed personality wise since I chucked him out on the hills for the winter. Still goofy, protective, macho. He's looking pretty good and should be ready to come back in around April or so.

With spring becoming more inevitable, and with January over, it's time to start moving on to February goals. 

-Compression/Rotation for Sinari
Check. The pir's finally feel solid and compressed. The canter feels so much more organized.
-Solid counting for changes
Done with difficulty. She now has to do the changes without taking over or loosing balance which is harder, so we're back to contract negotiations.
-Educated zig zags
I finally got this down without being a total moron about it!
-Upping the balance point
Done, it's making that feeling the go-to point through fitness that needs to happen next.

-Half Steps
-Roll through 4-2, PSG
-Compression, rotation

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