Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eyes up on the horizon

I hate packing.

The only thing worse is driving.

I did both a lot as a student, and eventually had it down to a science. Packing came down to three big boxes and a few minor bags. Driving came to don't stop until you run out of gas.

Packing for horses is a little different, especially when crossing state lines. I thankfully have people in Florida who are making the transition that much easier, helping me find good sources for bedding and general supplies, giving me tips (like bring your own hay) along the way. But it also means counting pennies.

The hard part is the 30 days prior to take off when all organizational hell breaks loose, especially when you're trying to get your horses conditioned and your barn packed up not just once, but twice.

Sinari is getting her traveling shoes back on. She is being moved again prior to going to Florida, just as a way to leg up for the up coming season. Between that it's a clinic with Koford, my trip to Wellington and a number of other things as well. I need to get the vet out next week to do some clipping, chiro work, fresh coggins and I think a few miscellaneous pack items.

Sincere is going to his wintering grounds to grow up a bit before being brought back as a three year old. I'm really excited about him coming under saddle again.

I hate splitting the herd up, it's very hard not getting to see him every day or play with him. I enjoy seeing both, but for now, he belongs outside in a herd to grow up.

It's finally December and we're down to the last 30 something days on the calendar year. I don't know where November went at all, it's actually hard to imagine that it felt like September two weeks ago. 

November goals:
-Fit and hack out
Check, as many times as I could with the weather.
-Winterize trailer, small welding project and lay mats down
-Continue with 30 days
Finished, with flying colors.
-Work lateral work
Check, I think we lost our half halt
-Prepare for Florida
Check. Preparations are well under way.

-Condition, fit and hack out
-Clinic in TN


Kelly (ridegroomfeed) said...

That's was well-written, it had a very nice rhythm to it :)

What are travelling shoes?

Kelly said...

LOL it means we're starting to ship again around the universe. We travel out monthly to Tennessee, and during the high season to shows as well. But I did have shoes put on her because she needed the support.

Kelly (ridegroomfeed) said...

Oh - haha. I totally took you literally, oops. Good luck for your travels - sounds like a lot of miles.