Sunday, November 20, 2011

The heart is alive tonight

Three days of rain and a dentist appointment knocked us out of our game plan.

I've been naughty and haven't had the ponies floated in awhile. Actually, for Sincere it was his first time in the chair. Quick drugs and he was an unbalanced mass of two year old. Poor lad had the most work done, wolf teeth yanked, angles re-righted, seat put in, hooks begone and all the while the vet was amusing how small his mouth was for a two year old.

While he was under I took the opportunity to pull his mane to a reasonable length.

Sinari, who was also floated just had a couple of hooks.  She's already going and doing better.

I'm still excited about up coming winter, I'm excited at the possibility of an entire string coming with me, however it's presenting challenges.

First is settling in at home base, which is proving a bit difficult with the holiday coming up. I want home prepped up so I can leave and come back with very little drama. This means a lot of networking and pre-packing/arranging, supplying both sites, assuring transport and care for those staying behind.

The next is preparing, Sinari is out of her beach body and into her santa suit. She's only lasting about 20 minutes of solid work and then there are the contract negotiations with her (yes my right leg means something). She's an extremely rewarding ride, and hopefully will keep the hotness when the fitness returns.

I have clinic on the 10th and 11th of December, and then I'm out hosting again the week after. I'm fighting weather and time.

Then finally there's execution and survival. I'm hitting a deep budgets, and I need to make sure my bills are covered and paid and I can return, I need to make sure that my contracts are signed and ready to roll. Scary stuff for me, and a huge gamble. 

But needless to say I'm excited and ready to roll out.

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