Sunday, July 10, 2011

Up that great big hill

It's bleeding hot out here. July hit and I think the weather finally figured out what it's supposed to be. Which is unfortunate, because while I'm sure several girls enjoy sweat rolling in unmentionable places, the rest of us do enjoy less balmy conditions.

It would seem that a more brilliant person wouldn't move south to school either, but that's another logical question for another time.

Despite the crap weather, Sinari and I still managed to put in a full six day work schedule. On the nastiest of days we hit the fields for brief hill and gallop sets. We ran through 3-2 with good results, and with this past clinic we are as prepared for this upcoming show as we can get. We even finished out on a technical high note.

The highlight of the weekend among other things was the pony doing half steps, running through fours and threes, and working on canter pir's. We were nailed on extensions, preparing, executing and finishing them. Had a bit of difficulty on my end on keeping the neck loose. But, people have noticed a huge positive change in her topline, her energy and her training.

Because of a few circumstances, I had some extra time and for giggles, I got on a horse of the 17.2 hand variety.

I've been wanting to get on larger horses for sometime. I love working the ponies, but I feel to improve the candidate pool (and myself) and ride them out to the max, different horses are necessary. Larger horses just have a different feel entirely, you have to be twice as effective, and in many ways, more tactful.  

I got on a really nice mare. Probably the nicest I've sat on pedigree wise and ability wise. She was a huge reflection of those qualities and her training. What a fantastic feeling. By no means was she easy to package. A mile long neck and many buttons to push. Doesn't tolerate people hanging on her, or nagging her. But what a grand mare. The timing is what through me the most. With Sinari, there is a lot of wait and prep time between movements with this girl it was a quick half halt and always go. I had forgotten how much easier it is not having to manufacture extension and I've definitely have an idea of big changes now.

But it also creates impatience. I can't wait for Sincere, who has the best of both worlds to come under saddle. He's looking great, I wish I had the cajones to enter him in VA. They have a pretty competitive breed show, but I want him to really prep up and gain topline before I let him hit the road.

On the list was a few major plans formed along the way. But right now, the push and prep for VA has begun. Monday is a light day off with me shipping out the laundry, doing coffee and a few minor errands. Tuesday is chiro and pack.

We're arriving two days early to work out the kinks and get her loosened up after the long trailer ride. But lord, if it's anything like the ride home today, I'm going to have to double up on the electrolytes.

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