Sunday, July 24, 2011

I keep my eyes fixed on the sun

In case you didn't get the memo, it's hot.

Normally, we still work through the heat, but this has been beyond excessive with triple digit temps and the humidity being off the charts. The pony has more 'fro than usual.

Sinari was in her stall sweating with a fan, however, Sincere was busy bouncing off the walls and playing with his Jolly Ball. The ADD two year old doesn't mind the heat so much. He's just happy to be active.

Normally, after a large show the pony gets about two days off and then a light week of hacking in the fields. But the weather interfered and we stuck to pony parlor, re-organizing the supplies, wrap-up efforts and hand grazing until Friday, where the weather broke temporarily and I was able to lunge just a little bit in the indoor. Saturday was much better, when we finally got under tack and went hacking over hills for a short while.

Despite weather, she's come back fresh, which makes me incredibly happy, she power walked out to the fields and did short canter and trot sets before the humidity became too much. I'm planning on doing a 50/50 week with her- start the week in the fields and then go back into the arena for starting up the fall season.

The time off with the pony also meant I got to play with the young man. He was more than happy for the attention. Pulled his mane, sorted his tail, trimmed the fetlocks and lunged him once or twice. Feet trimmed today. The big news for him is that he wore a saddle for the first time, and was completely awesome with it.

Begun making fall plans for both and this week we have visitors in town.

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