Sunday, July 3, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

If there is a downside of a fit horse is that there are more buttons to push.

Sinari has been going nothing short of gangbusters within the work recently. Despite the heat and wacky work schedules, she's gained a lot of expression and carrying power. The trot is still hard for her, but her canter has become much nicer and her lateral work is very clean. She can easily do four's and threes. We began working the pirouettes in earnest to help create more sitting power and uphill balance. Going out in the fields really helped clear her mind and prep her for the upcoming journeys.

 June Goals:
-Majestic Show
Check. Got out there, in odd circumstances and managed to put in a decent show back after two years off.
-Finish Bronze
Negatron. Tough judge panel plus equipment issues plus just wasn't firing on all buttons.
-Finish out requirements to test for L program
Need one more score.
-Halts and transitions
Doing much better, but still a little inconsistent in the balance in the halts.
-Send in entry for Dressage at Lexington
Check, attending DAL this month.
-School through 4-1
Check, ran though all the elements. She feels comfortable, but needs more fire in the extensions, and a hair bit more expression in half pass.
-Put show trunk together
Check. I need to learn to unpack it.
-Continue conditioning
Check. Out in the field twice a week until the ground becomes rough. One word: hills. 

July Goals:
-Clinic in TN
-VA Show
-Finish Bronze
-Halts and transitions
-Condition, condition, condition
-Decide level for NDPC
-Finish Kur.
-Tempi's, big, bold tempi's.

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