Sunday, June 26, 2011

Momma was a rolling stone

I have a rare easy weekend this week. Despite downtime, the next two upcoming trips (and a few projects) are weighing heavily on me.

The pony is on a small arena hiatus. The weather is too nice not to play out the fields, so the focus has been cleaning up the forward and back transitions. We'll be back in it by this week in the arena running through third two.

I know summer means traveling. If you're a horse person, it means your trailer never gets unpacked and your social life becomes slim pickings.

I had forgotten what it means to be a gypsy or at least a temporary one. I forgot what it means to live out of a bag, with a mobile and a laptop.

There would be summers before I was 16 where I would spend weeks away from home. When I was 18, and became a working student there was a time where I and the horses would be on the road once a week for at least four days at a clip. When I was a regular journalist, it became weeks.

Over the years, I and the herd grew roots. Leaving town became a pill, packing became a chore, the crowds became too much, gas became expensive and frankly I tended to like my hermit status (not to mention bed).

Last weekend we went north to compete, this time we went south to condition and to prep up for Virginia.

I had never been south of Kentucky before with a trailer, I haven't personally hauled by myself over that much of a strange distance or for that long of a time or over mountains. It was well worth it. I loved seeing everything and meeting everyone. It was nice being on the other side of the fence, if just for a little bit.

It was a good productive week leading into the weekend. I got Sinari over the mouth thing and had someone pointed out that my curb was too low. Have to punch some holes and chop some billets. Was left with a bunch of things to work on, and a few more problems to resolve. Met the loveliest, most generous people in the sport and saw what could be the most inspiring view to practice around in a long time (but sorry no photos or video!!)

The next few weeks will be concentrating on what we lacked during the Ohio trip. I also am in the process of finishing up the kur music. In the interim, she was adjusted and got back to business with Sincere. But the summer is going to be a long one.

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