Sunday, June 5, 2011

Devil in the details

T-minus six days until show season kicks off and I feel a hair under prepared. The pony however is primed and as ready as she'll ever be, putting in consistent works for the last week.

Possibly because it's been two years, tests have changed, facilities, people and my team have changed. Everything is different. Now there is the added expectation of completing out my goals in finite time.

Or it could be that I've been running around like mad trying to find where all my show equipment actually went. Found my coat, stock tie, pants, gloves, had to order a pair of tall boots, can't find my nice sunglasses, my last good Fleck whip was stolen, my stock pin is probably in the black hole under the bed and my bucket and bridle hooks seem to have gone AWOL as well.

Until yesterday I haven't memorized the full tests (normally I would have them memorized forwards and backwards) that I'll be riding. Just have been stringing bits and elements together and should be running through the full things this week. I'm very thankful that both have large canter tours and the trot work is uncomplicated and in good spots. 

Also in a change, I've loaded the tests onto iPad to practice on the whiteboard application, and because I'm not helping, volunteering, sitting and only showing one, I loaded books onto the iBook reader. Heck, if the show office has wireless, I can even watch Netflix between rounds. Also loaded the little camera up for hopefully some video.

Expecting a bit of a curve rejoining competitive society (not to mention a full schedule), I actually began packing today. I did a quick clean over the equipment, unpacked the box which hadn't been touched since we got back in early May, emptied the contents and began to sort.

With horse shows, you need doubles of everything you have at home and a few bits of specialized equipment that stay with the trailer. I'm lucky that Sincere and Sinari now share a regular grooming kit and I can augment the left over brushes shampoos and other items into a new bucket. But eventually, more things will probably become permanent fixtures in the trailer and new supplies will need to be purchased.

Made up new grooming buckets and bath buckets, checked the levels of the supplies (it should get me through July, or worse case scenario, end of June). Found Sinari's show halter and lead, shipping boots, found the snaffle bridle, loaded the trailer down with the spare buckets, extra basic supplies and started with the other items. I still need to copy my paperwork, and stick that in the portable folio, find the saddle cover and bridle bags, the shipping fuzzies and a few other items.

In between, working with Pennfields and a few other people we've developed a nutritional plan for the pony to create peak performance before and during the show. So far, it's worked out great. 

All in all, it seems like we're on the right track, but the real devil is in the details.


wendyu said...

Best of luck to you!!

Val said...

So much preparation. Good luck!