Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gone baby gone

My time in boot camp is slowly coming to a close. We've been intensive, daily work for the past five weeks, with only, maybe a handful of non-riding days due to weather or out of town status. It's been a non-stop marathon of learning and creating a program for the next few months.

The away part of the program came to a close in the past week.

The pony and I traveled all of 10 miles home and the challenge of working without training wheels or daily eyes is only starting. I'm slightly scared about backsliding, but I know help is only a phone call and video away.

Sinari has gained so much fitness over the past four or five weeks, we bumped up the schooling to all of fourth level. The changes are clean and pretty, but I need to learn to count. The mediums come and go, but they are getting better Her current favorite trick is to drop her shoulders and run. But by far her lateral work can be considered an easy 7 if the tempo is kept up.

April has flow by and so has our goal list:

-Gain more elasticity in the trot
Definitely more power, but could have more sit.
-Ride anything over 15 hands.
Didn't get to do, timing and the fact I was shipping horses around like mad, I only had time for one.
-Make the most of the next six weeks
Almost up, but it's been a thrill of an adventure. Can't wait to do it again.
-Finalize saddle
Sent the cheque
-L Program
Finished up session C, preparing to do sitting hours and find a 2012 final session site.
-Just ride damnit.

May Goals:
-Not allowed to drop the shoulders on the forehand
-Small Pir's
-Accurate 3's and 4's.
-Sitting hours
-Nail second/third level
-Find boots.

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Carol said...

When ever I try to get intense with my training I over do things and get out of whack (technical term). Good for you for upping the fitness level and making such great progress. I'm inspired to increase work in a more balanced was :)